Pixhawk Meeting: April 28, 2020 #coordination #ref-standard #bms #uavcan

Ramon Roche

Team, here are the meeting minutes for today's meeting, we talked about FMUv6 & FMUv6x and dedicated the rest of the call to defining the BMS UAVCAN message set. How's your week going? 

Let me know if I missed anything.

Pixhawk V6 & V6x
David Sidrane presented the FMUv6 RC01 pinout, and the main differences between v6 & v6x, illustrating what changed. This is now a working design, and we are looking for feedback before we continue down this path.

UAVCAN Drone Communication Standard
There's lots of interest in getting a spec together for the drone industry, in particular for today's call for BMS and ESCs.

During the meeting, the team went through the proposed BMS messages BMSCmd, BMSStatus, and BMSInfo.

Please find a link to the proposal below, with inline comments from today's call. 

On the next UAVCAN call, we will continue the discussion and will try to replicate the same hands-on work style for the ESC messages.