Pixhawk Meeting: April 21, 2020 #coordination #ref-standard #payload-bus #bms #uavcan

Ramon Roche

Hi everyone, here are the meeting minutes for the hardware meeting from April 21st. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything. 

Happy Hacking!

Pixhawk V6 & V6x

V6 block diagram pinout almost ready will be published soon

Summary of changes

  • Consumer profile

  • Similar to V5 with H7


  • HS USBC (USB high speed)

  • Different from V5x or V6x 

  • No ethernet

  • Relative to V5x

  • Removed one telemetry port

  • Removed two SPI buses

NOTE: The V6 & V6x specs will be released at the same time.

NOTE: Looking for volunteers: We need prototype V6x hardware based on the complete final spec (available now).

BMS Standard

New UAVCAN Drone Communication Standard DS-015

  • Following on the spec

  • New suggestion BMSCmd.uavcan

  • Lots of suggestions for BMSStatus and BMSInfo

What does it take to get this spec to a complete state?

  • Get in shape to close the spec, in increments, pragmatic but stable proposal

  • ESC facing and Battery facing messages is all we need to get started

  • Get messages cleanly specified if not everything for v1

TODO: Share UAVCAN spec

We need to finalize the message spec for BMS, lay battery spec flat next week, units precision BMS doc where we hash out units, and we can port this over to DS-015 later.

Payload Standard

Hard mount version, we need to investigate the needs for a hard-mount version of this standard, we are going to be discussing potential timeline on the next meeting. (Freefly underside chassis)

Pin Definition

  • 3.3v required, boards might be 5v tolerant, but spec calls for 3.3v, the only exception is CAN
  • TODO: define nominal CAN voltage, 5v transceiver? 60v high-end, more than 20v
  • Capture pin: 3.3v
  • Ethernet with magnetics on both sides
  • DBUS USB, the spec on MAX?
TODO: Capture pinout on the spec document

TODO: Update on the X-Connector, ping Yuneec.
TODO: Look into hard mount pattern