Pixhawk Meeting - March 10-17, 2020 #coordination #ref-standard #payload-bus #bms

Ramon Roche

Team, please review the meeting minutes for the previous two minutes, we are making good progress on all fronts, please feel free to ping me if anything is unclear, or misrepresented below.

I am looking forward to our next meeting next week.

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Pixhawk Discussion

FMUv6 Spec

Changes to the spec discussed on the call

  • A key differentiator from v6X is the addition of features considered non-essential for commercial adopters, but necessary for educational / developer adopters.

  • Pinout will include high-speed USB

  • TODO: Pinout proposal by @David and @Lorenz until April 21st

FMUv6X Spec

We are executing faster on this spec, and we want to improve from the v5x timeline and align with the development of future products.


  • FMUv5X

    • Set a timeframe for two weeks, for final signoff

  • FMUv6

    • Next stable proposal in 5 weeks.

Pixhawk Smart Battery


Proposed connectors:


Interface and Pinout

  • Freefly introduced an interface design with a connector pinout and a schematic related to the connector interface. See the image below. 

  • TODO: @Community to review this design and prepare feedback for the next call. In particular, @Iain, @Alex, and @Jacob.

  • DJI Compatibility
    • The group agrees that the connector is not compatible with the DJI battery system
  • The ID pin enables designs that have a button on the battery or the vehicle to power on the system. In case of a multi-battery vehicle, the power-on has to be managed and properly sequenced

    • TODO: @Alex and @Raul to prepare a sequence diagram for the scenario that the button is either on the battery or the vehicle side


Pixhawk Payload

  • Review Yuneec connector on Onshape

  • Changes from the original proposal

    • VCC pins only (not as much current, smaller payloads)

  • TODO: Review mechanical, coming up to final position individually

  • TODO: See if the strategy reaches consensus

Plan of Action


The connector of choice is, in both cases, the KEL DY series. We have to specify the exact part number to make sure the community can order it.


  • TODO: @Raul R Specify connector part number for Dovetail design
  • TODO: @Alessandro Specify connector part number for X-Connector design


X-connector by Yuneec


Dovetail connector by Freefly


Standardization Release Process

  • We are publishing the 3D files and accompanying documentation, and sharing with the community as part of the Pixhawk project.

  • The standardization will benefit if the plans are available to purchase as a standalone component. This way, adopters could integrate a payload without manufacturing the mechanical parts themselves or do an initial prototype based on available parts.

  • TODO: Clarify licensing on the next call