Pixhawk Meeting - March 24, 2020 #payload-bus #bms #coordination #ref-standard

Ramon Roche

Pixhawk Discussion


  • @TODO: Dugan/David do a review of the docs and submit to the mailing list for final review.

  • @TODO: Follow-up from above, ask for feedback from workgroup members.

Recommended default sensors

Payload Discussion

Connector Part numbers

The 40-pin connector is automotive grade, low-cost, vibration resilient and allows very high density assemblies.

Yuneec Building Dev Kits

  • Can provide dev kit for early adopters

Payload trigger

  • Normal trigger mechanism is to use 2 pwm aux pins

  • Function list as a trigger and capture

  • Question: What signals are here?

    • Publish map information for backwards compatibility

  • “Expected standard use cases” →

Smart Battery

Spec presentation

  • Tightly integrated package where the batteries don’t have to boot each individual battery up

  • No need to have a pixhawk to booth a battery

  • Pin 1 is ID

    • Up to 8 different batteries

    • You always know which slot battery is connected to

  • Pin 2 wake up signal to battery

    • One button turns on all batteries on aircraft

  • All batteries need a button to wake-up

  • Battery state diagram

  • Hot swapping / Hot plugging 

    • Buffer with resistance?

  • @TODO: Need to handle the case were the battery shuts off and the FMU CPU resets and turns the battery back on (FET on pin 2) (edited) 

@TODO: add state diagram to main doc and link

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