Re: Pixhawk Meeting - March 3rd, 2020 #coordination

Jinger Zeng


CUAV provided some input regarding pin-outs and electrical design,  capturing in this thread:

On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 8:59 AM Ramon Roche <rroche@...> wrote:
Team, thanks to everyone who attended today, we had a healthy discussion regarding the payload interface and FMuv6X, please make sure you take time to review the specs linked below and bring feedback ready for the next meeting.

I hope to talk to you all next week, happy flying.
- Ramón R.

Meeting Minutes
  • The team discussed current capabilities of the spec
  • The most significant change from v5x is the move to H7
Open Questions: For the whole group, in particular manufacturers
  • Are the current interfaces outlined enough?
PX4 Hardware support categories
Feedback needed from the group on the proposed board categories and what it means to the manufacturers. Please let us know if anything feels out of place.
Pixhawk Payload
Yuneec presented a payload interface that they are looking to release in some of their products in 2020. Yuneec is currently reviewing the dovetail proposal from FreeFly. TODO: Yuneec will share their interface with the team ahead of next week’s call for in-depth review.


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